Community Supported Agriculture

Our CSA for Concord, NH and the surrounding areas runs from mid-May through September with 20 weekly pickup days on either Tuesday  or Thursday.  Support your local farmer and  benefit from bumper crops.  We  are eager to serve you!

Here is what you can expect:

Spinach Cucumbers Winter Squash
Lettuce Garlic Peppers
Beets and Beet Greens Sweet Potatoes Onions
Carrots Potatoes Leeks
Summer Squash Tomatoes Herbs: Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley, Rosemary
Zucchini Cherry Tomatoes Egg Plant
String Beans Melons Kohlrabi
Strawberrys Pumpkins Peas
Blackberrys Cut Flowers Kale
Swiss Chard Peas Sweet Corn

Some are concerned that all they will receive is green leafy vegetables.  It is correct that what is in season is what our CSA members will receive in their weekly pickup.  The season always starts off with a limited amount of leafy greens like kale, beets, and lettuce, but soon works it way into a large variety, and always ends with a bang of pumpkins and winter squashes.  We have read many studies that show eating what is fresh and in season is of great benefit to our bodies, as opposed to having just the favorites available all year long.

Many of our members are also avid gardeners themselves, and we highly encourage that!  The benefit we have to offer CSA Members with a home garden is the earliness of our produce that our greenhouses provide.  We will have healthy vegetables weeks if not months before the home gardener will, resulting in little overlap.

Please understand that you are investing in your local farm.  Things like weather, pests, and other conditions can and will affect what our farm will be able to provide you on a weekly basis.  But you can rest assured that we are seasoned farmers, and when one crop suffers typically another will flourish.  We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a very diverse crop and we are always trying new things.

Each week is different, and the amount and variety is always changing, but this is what we have found over the years:

A share is ideal for 2 adults and possibly a small child. Many of our small families choose to supplement their  CSA share with additional produce purchased at a discount price from the farm stand. We do have several individuals who are able to consume a share themselves in a week's time.

Here is a share given to one of our 2014 members in late summer:

Two shares (AKA Family or Full Share) is ideal for 2 adults that strictly eat a vegetarian diet, or family of 3-5 who are omnivores. We try to show our appreciation to members who purchase 2 shares by including fruits and veggies that are in limited  quantities in their shares a week or two before those who only have a single share. 

With all that in mind, we know that no one plan will fit everyone's individual situation, and we are small enough to give you personalized attention. 

Our CSA is hands down a fantastic value over purchasing your veggies directly form the farm stand or farmers market.
If you have any specific questions we can answer before you sign up, please:  Contact US

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We are now accepting members for the 2015 season:  Please use our Online Application , to start the process then:
You can reserve your spot by mailing us a check (our preferred method)  or using the paypal buttons below.
Please make checks payable to 'Lewis Farm', include your email address and mail to 192 Silk Farm RD,  Concord, NH 03301 .  

Hear from our Past CSA Members

This is the first year we have participated in your CSA and were very happy with the quality, quantity, and variety that we were provided with each week, especially compared with other CSAs that we have participated in.  Huge blackberries and fresh cut flowers were welcome surprises!  As well as the abundance and variety of tomatoes each week. Farmer David was also always happy to pick something fresh that wasn't out on the table and was flexible with any substitutions that were requested based on our likes or dislikes. We had so many veggies that we didn't have to buy any at the grocery store all summer!  Can't wait till next spring!"

Christie Faro

"We have loved participating in the Lewis Farm CSA this year.   We have received a wide variety of veggies and even fresh-cut flowers. I love knowing that my salads and side dishes are healthy, fresh and that I am supporting a local business."

Ingrid white 

"I'm planning to return for a CSA in 2013!  The quality and variety was excellent and I feel good about eating fresh and local.  The weekly visit to the farm was a highlight for my mom and myself! Please keep up the good work and we look forward to next season.

Thanks Harry and David!"

Erin Metcalf

"I have done several different CSAs in the Concord area, and what I appreciate about Lewis Farm CSA is their flexibility in scheduling times that work for members and assuring that the specific produce is something desired by the member.  For example, we do not like a lot of greens, so David or Harry always offer an alternate item instead.  And, I love the variety available...sweet potatoes this year and lots of different kinds of tomatoes as I am a real tomato lover!  And, the corn was the best this year ever!"

Lisa Richards, Bow